The Yawns

First song of the first* gig of new Glasgow band The Yawns. You may recognise faces of CATH Records lo-fi enthusiasts Emma Smith (bass) and Sean Armstrong (vocals) plus Stonehaven-born Copy Haho/PVH/Battery Face members Mini (guitar - left), Rikki (drums) and Gav (guitar - right).

Here they perform 'I Believe in UFOS' at Nice n Sleazy on the 6th September 2012.
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*another incarnation of the yawns played a wsp audio lounge party a couple of years ago but there's more members and actual songs now.

Generator gig today: MUSCLETUSK + WORLD PEACE

abandoned partick warehouse
glue factory toilets

A rocking time was really had yesterday. Well done for managing to find us.

It's Music is the Music Language Day 2 today.

For outdoor thrashing fuzz, walk over the motorway footbridge from Kinning Park Complex and join us on the other side at 5.30PM for Muscletusk and World Peace. Likely to be an exciting situation.

UPDATE: New graffiti found in Glue Factory toilets. Who is doing this?

Outdoor generator gig MITML2 Day 1

Good morning. The Phat Trophies/The Downs outside Music is the Music Language gig today will be right infront of the SWG3 under the archway, NOT the abandoned warehouse location stated in the programme. However, if for some reason we're not in the archway right outside the SWG3 by 4 oclock, then keep on walking west along the cycle path to the abandoned warehouse (that is stated in the programme) and that's where we'll be instead. Kicks off at 4.15pm today, have a good time!


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