Smack Wizards & Gummy Stumps at 13th Note September 2010

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Divorce and Smack Wizards Generator Gig

1st winning sperm party generator gig. Divorce and Smack wizards will be rocking West St tomorrow early evening under the bridge next to west st underground. To limit disturbance to neighbours this will be a short gig that will start and finish sharp, don't be late!

No entry charge but £2 suggested donation is encouraged to cover the costs of petrol (generator and gear transport). We want a summer of little expenses and maximum entertainment so donations will show support for this sorta thing and ensure its sustainability.

The bands will be playing under a railbridge so weather shouldn't be a problem but do expect a bit of wind. Also hoping to get it done before the undergound stops running.

Eternal Fags (Arches, Glasgow 1.2.11)


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