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This week Smack Wizards reside in the Arches, Glasgow, performing in Alan McKendrick's theatre adaptation of Alexander Trocchis' novel "Cain's Book"...

Wed 26th March 7pm (£8/£10)
Thurs 27th March 7pm (£10/£12)
Fri 28th March 7pm (£10/£12)
Sat 29th March 6.30pm (£10/£12)

Ian Hanmore (Game of Thrones, Young Adam)
Lou Prendergast
Ross Mann

"Acclaimed worldwide as a high watermark for Scottish literature, Cain’s Book is a tour-de-force of poetic writing simultaneously occupying the modes of drug literature confessional, bleak comedy and philosophical tract, depicting protagonist Joe Necchi’s experiences from a Glasgow childhood through to adult life in 1950s New York as a scow captain and unrepentant heroin addict.

McKendrick’s adaptation juxtaposes theatre, cinematic and photographic projection, formation dance interludes and music from Glasgow avant-rock group Smack Wizards. A continuous three-hour live extravaganza – there will be opportunities to take intervals, yet incentives to remain throughout." -

Dog Has its Day

An over grown Dalmatian lives on the edge of Pollok Country Park and struggles to cope without having his artwork on display in his local gallery. After several failed attempts to submit his work through official means, he takes matters into his own paws and creates and displays a self-portrait in a prime location of The Burrel Collection.

Mary Column [edit: now with part II]

formerly of Mr Peppermint, Hyena and Roughneck & Thug; currently a member of Smack Wizards and Chips n' Coleslaw. A profound lead guitarist and acknowledged contributor to Glasgow's psychadellic lo-fi trip. His solo material takes his free approach to a new plateau - enjoy!


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