Restless Natives x winning sperm party

Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 20:00

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£3 on the door

Restless Natives invited wsp to organise a festive gig, providing a known local venue with cash guarantee, enabling curation of a bold lineup and cheap door entry fee. Endeavouring to showcase the latest greatest and latest from across the isle, our minds cast from Glasgow to Leeds, a city fond for its rich co-operative diy culture and amazing underground bands.

Commiserations (LEEDS) - this is some gnarly sort of punk rock and really great psyche; Leeds' new three-piece featuring those from Beards, Etai Keshiki & Pifco.

In Posterface - Maybe its like a melting down of everyday sounds and experiences then trying to play to them and with them. On the verge of dropping incredible immersive new album on tape via wsp!!!

Anxiety - a cool kind of sound energy of a boiling popping bubbling sludge oozing around glasgow punk clubs quite voraciously.

Lush Purr - Electropapknits and The Yawnsers Gav, Emma & Rikki join the incredible Andreas Fazio to do seriously chilled out fuzz pop love noising upping.

Avocados - new outfit of scatter-rhythm drumming and bass mood grooves by Nic Sharptooth and smack wizard Waldo, irrespectively.

£3 on the door. All the money goes towards paying the bands enough to get home etc. Any remainder will be invested in the east end of glasgow.