September 2011

Freshers Fun with Subcity today 2-4PM

TODAY as part of Subcity Radio's Freshers introduction winning sperm party presents LIVE MUSIC from Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Gummy Stumps + MR PEPPERMINT in the Williams Room, John Mac Building, Glasgow University - today from 2-4PM. It's free to come and anyone and everyone is welcome.

MITML is over/New Phat Trophies

Had a great time at Music is the Music Language. Everything was really quite good indeed. Thanks to everyone who managed to come out and find us each day. And thanks to Emily and Fielding for inviting us along and making a great festival come alive.

Unrelated: if you haven't already, check out these new Phat Trophies tracks!

Music is the Music Language

Hello, As you may already know, this weekend (3rd and 4th september) Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails are getting us along to put on two outdoor "generator gigs" as part of their Music is the Music Language festival.

The WSP activities will involve:

feat. Smack Wizards + Scratchcard Lung

*subject to change if the weather's too wild! If that's the case we'll say here, tweet, facebook, send some texts maybe and leave a sign outside the Sculpture Studio Garden Entrance.

feat. Francis Harold & the Holograms + Gropetown

Click the blue pins on the map to find the locations!!!!! See you there!!!!!

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There's also a whole bunch of other amazing wsp-related stuff going on at the festival! VOM, Ultimate Thrush, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Divorce and Gummy Stumps - Don't miss out. All the other music will sound great too of course!

Full Listings for the rest of the festival are available here and here.