December 2012

Life as We Know It

A collaborative exercise celebrating and commiserating humanity on its prosperity and certain downfall. Seven pieces were performed together at one main event that looked to our absent future.

The event was part of The Pipe Factory's Glasgow International festival programme and included work from members of Remember Remember, Happy Particles, Thoth, Organs of Love, Smack Wizards, The Rosy Crucifixion, Ultimate Thrush, Gropetown and Palms with artists Claudia Nova, Andrew Houston, Carmel O'Brien, Zoe Williams, Scott Caruth, Hannah Summers, Karina Baillie, Douglas Morland, Lucy Anderson, Vickie McDonald, Deena E Jacobs and Sinead Young. Curated by Joan Sweeney for the Pipe Factory's GI programme.

1. Organs of Love | Zoe Williams, Scott Caruth, Claudia Nova, Andrew Houston & Carmel O'Brien
2. Steven Kane & Graeme Ronald | Lucy Anderson
3. Laurie Pitt & Vickie McDonald | Vickie McDonald
4. Smack Wizards | Hannah Summers & Karina Baillie
5. Young & Young | Sinead Young
6. Thoth | Deena E Jacobs
7. The Rosy Crucifixion | Douglas Morland

Audio recorded by Colin Stewart
Video recorded by Beth Dynowski and Rob Alexander
Video edited by Rob alexander