January 2013

You Don't Masturbate free download party!!!

This Friday you are invited to download the latest record written, performed, produced and mastered in Perth by YOU DON'T MASTURBATE.

1 Soft and Domesticated
2 Theoretical Testicle
3 All My Shoes are Made by children
4 Slippered
5 Vegetable Valley
6 Four Anorexics Go Clothes Shopping

You are then free to listen using your computer or portable media device, burn to CD, copy to Tape, cut to Vinyl or whatever you need to do.

The event will take place right here on the internet, specifically winningspermparty.com at 00:00

This video is YDM performing at the Kind Man, Glasgow in September 2012.

Real stars in 2012 (part 1)

This has no order or anything. I filmed nearly everything I saw (live music) in 2012 and didn't get round to sharing it all at the time. So here is some new stuff, plus highlights in case you missed. The bands are all from Glasgow and the gigs are all in Glasgow too. More parts to come soon!

Tut Vu Vu
These are some real nice jazzers. They have real instruments including clarinet, trumpet, piano, drums x2 and some array of analogue synths and sound effects. They play their own experimentations as well as tunes by the likes of Ornette Coleman and appear to be having a good time!

Here they are on the 20th December at the CCA. Before they play is a little bit of Romany Dear's great performance from the same night!

Golden Teacher
An exciting collaboration between the Pitt brothers of Ultimate Thrush, Silk Cut and others. And half of them have just spent december '12 in Africa searching for new grooves - one to watch out for!

This is their first gig at the Sub Club at the night of Optimo Music, who will soon release their record.

Vars of Litchi
Long favoured as top entertainers on the local circuit, VOL had mostly been dormant for the best/worst part of the last couple of years. If you've not listened to their album before you can check it out on grooveshark. http://grooveshark.com/#!/album/Vars+Of+Litchi/6810659
Belter! This year the duo have played together again on a few occasions after no rehearsal and little discussion, revisiting favourites and improvising new ideas together for the first time live!

Here they are at their last gig of the year in The Old Hairdressers.

World Peace
The sporadic creative process lends this three-piece a wild quirky sound, and their live tunes are always delivered fresh off the cuff. In 2013 WP will release a tape on Clan Destine Records.

This is from their first gig we had the privilege of hosting for them at the Kind Man in Glasgow.

Yolk of Blood
This appears to be an incarnation (or spinoff?) of Fritz Welch's Asparagus Piss Raindrop project, which has been prominent throughout 2012. This improvised sludgy metal sound is fronted perfectly by the roar of Julia Scott (gropetown, fem bitch nation, palms, thoth etc.)

This is them at a Croc vs Croc "fuckin roller disco" crazy karaoke bonanza at the Kinning Park Complex.

more to come...