February 2013

smack wizards live session video

smack wizards out at bridgton practice centre january 2013.

live track caught on three cams and tascam tape recorder, synchronised then mashed on computer until it could take no more.

smack wizards will shortly release a new ep through winning sperm party with tracks recorded by chris white (wsp/falafel recordings), also out at bridgton.

smack wizards are a band based in glasgow who play locally and around europe in various improvised forms.

video and sound by rob alexander

Pee Six & Skitter - Old Hairdresser's 18th Jan 2013

This was a Cry Parrot promoted show at the Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow. Pee Six and Skitter perform for their second time live as a duo.

Listen to/Buy all their gear from http://skitter.bandcamp.com/

L’Œillère - Glasgow flat (4/2/13)

This is the first in a new series presenting a new video every day or night for the time foreseeable.

L’Œillère, a self-proclaimed classical guitar hero, lives up to his word. He is from Bordeaux and lives in Belgium. http://www.loeillere.com/

Thanks to those who came to this wsp gig and the other great talents who played... it was a real pleasure.
La Gloïre, Sarah Kenchington + Emma Bowen, Mary Column

4th Feb 2013
St George's Road, Glasgow