August 2013

(some stuff) what is happening in Glasgow this summer

In other news, In Posterface records have not yet arrived. Sleeves and bonus CD are printed and ready to go. We just need them to arrive. More on this VERY SOON WE HOPE :-) Apologies to those who've emailed and for any confusion caused to others.

winning sperm party also host a special affair at the Flying Duck in Glasgow on Saturday 31st August with great full rocking bands Etai Keshiki (Leeds), Amorous Dialogues (Sheffield), World Peace, Smack Wizards, Rungs and Black Cop. More info here.

winning sperm party will be making gigs happen spontaneously in untapped zones for Music is the Music Language festival going on 6th, 7th, 8th September. Friday we got Noma and Kenny Love; then Saturday there's Orzelda, The Yawns and all new Spinning Coin. More details, including an excellent 'pay what ya wanna (all moneys towards the non-profiteering of the festival)' compilation of the lineup, here.

On Saturday 14th September The Downs play their last show at The Old Hairdressers.

More great video moments, along with good solid information, to share with you all soon...