September 2013

In Posterface 7" now out/city centre gig/music video/live radio appearance

in posterface record drop

Today we bring you the In Posterface - More Life / You Vomit Blood AA 7" Single in its physical vinyl form, free download and stream. Physical form is highly recommended (and only £4) as it comes in a great screen printed cover and comes with a Bonus Full Length Music CD. You can CHECK THAT OUT HERE.

in celebration, they've been around town dropping the record.

Please watch this website (or this one) for news on the aforementioned Glasgow city centre live performance celebration.

There's a party going on at Subcity Radio with those crazy GOOGLE USELESS RADIO DJs hosting the band tonight at 9PM (UK) for all kinds of chat and playback. Listen live at edit: listen again here

Here is a music video by Callum Beith for the song More Life

Music Language 3 !!! this weekend (wsp stages info)

hello everyone, as discussed in earlier posts, we are providing a series of live outdoor good vibes for the Music is the Music Language Festival this weekend. Here are details of the performers and locations where you can find them for the wsp events. Check out the rest of the festival lineup for Friday, Saturday and Sunday over on the

Friday 6th September

"in the pedestrian underpassnext to chinatown/outdoorworld (near stow college)" -
(approximate location - you will hear it!)

9.15pm-9.45pm - sean armstrong trio -

2am-2.30am ???mystery act???


Saturday 7th September

"in the old partick warehouse. go west along the cycle path from the swg3 along the expressway until you are nearly in line with the transport museum. there's an old warehouse with billboard advertisements outside"

4.05pm - 4.35pm Orzelda -
4.40-5.05 The Yawns -
5.15-5.45 Figgis & Mellin's Spinning Coin