cain's book

jack and waldo

This week Smack Wizards reside in the Arches, Glasgow, performing in Alan McKendrick's theatre adaptation of Alexander Trocchis' novel "Cain's Book"...

Wed 26th March 7pm (£8/£10)
Thurs 27th March 7pm (£10/£12)
Fri 28th March 7pm (£10/£12)
Sat 29th March 6.30pm (£10/£12)

Ian Hanmore (Game of Thrones, Young Adam)
Lou Prendergast
Ross Mann

"Acclaimed worldwide as a high watermark for Scottish literature, Cain’s Book is a tour-de-force of poetic writing simultaneously occupying the modes of drug literature confessional, bleak comedy and philosophical tract, depicting protagonist Joe Necchi’s experiences from a Glasgow childhood through to adult life in 1950s New York as a scow captain and unrepentant heroin addict.

McKendrick’s adaptation juxtaposes theatre, cinematic and photographic projection, formation dance interludes and music from Glasgow avant-rock group Smack Wizards. A continuous three-hour live extravaganza – there will be opportunities to take intervals, yet incentives to remain throughout." -