friday night 'in posterface' record release party at the CCA!

in posterface more life screenprints

launch event this friday taking place in our city's finest Centre for Contemporary Art on Sauchiehall Street. it starts about 8 so you just come down around then and see it all. take pleasure from the live music of Flaccid Haus, Dick 50, Magic Eye and spun tunes by DJ Fielding Hope. In Posterface will follow with a special performance marking the release of their More Life/You Vomit Blood single.

Purchase a record. we're selling it cheap as we can and it comes in a screen-printed cover with a full CD album of stomping In Posterface tracks.

The record was made to tape by Emily and Stu in Green Door Studio, Glasgow.

what do people say?

From a musical standpoint, this record is repugnant, it’s hard to listen to comfortably

Chris McCrory, Rave Child [full article]

a turbulent descent into a bricolage of noise, faulty electronics, and the occasional prime-time radio synth-hook

J Beige, Tiny Little Mix Tapes [full article]

Both foreign and familiar in many different ways, there is a lot to enjoy from this debut single.

Alastair Chivers, Dirty Beard Monthly [full article]

Whether I like it or not in this particular instance would be irrelevant

Andy McGarry, Pet Piranha [full article]