pifco. the wub. seconds. brutish leyland. gig at the roxy!

we are excited to be bringing pifco and the wub to glasgow on Saturday the 3rd May at The Roxy 171 on Great Western Road, Glasgow.

Joined by special Glasgow guests Brutish Leyland (ex Scratchcard Lung/Lummox) playing debut show and the excellent Seconds (ex Aggi Doom/Phat Trophies/The Downs) 8 oclock

cain's book

jack and waldo

This week Smack Wizards reside in the Arches, Glasgow, performing in Alan McKendrick's theatre adaptation of Alexander Trocchis' novel "Cain's Book"...

Wed 26th March 7pm (£8/£10)
Thurs 27th March 7pm (£10/£12)
Fri 28th March 7pm (£10/£12)
Sat 29th March 6.30pm (£10/£12)

Ian Hanmore (Game of Thrones, Young Adam)
Lou Prendergast
Ross Mann

"Acclaimed worldwide as a high watermark for Scottish literature, Cain’s Book is a tour-de-force of poetic writing simultaneously occupying the modes of drug literature confessional, bleak comedy and philosophical tract, depicting protagonist Joe Necchi’s experiences from a Glasgow childhood through to adult life in 1950s New York as a scow captain and unrepentant heroin addict.

McKendrick’s adaptation juxtaposes theatre, cinematic and photographic projection, formation dance interludes and music from Glasgow avant-rock group Smack Wizards. A continuous three-hour live extravaganza – there will be opportunities to take intervals, yet incentives to remain throughout." - http://www.thearches.co.uk/events/arts/untitled-projects-cains-book

Dog Has its Day

An over grown Dalmatian lives on the edge of Pollok Country Park and struggles to cope without having his artwork on display in his local gallery. After several failed attempts to submit his work through official means, he takes matters into his own paws and creates and displays a self-portrait in a prime location of The Burrel Collection.

Mary Column [edit: now with part II]

formerly of Mr Peppermint, Hyena and Roughneck & Thug; currently a member of Smack Wizards and Chips n' Coleslaw. A profound lead guitarist and acknowledged contributor to Glasgow's psychadellic lo-fi trip. His solo material takes his free approach to a new plateau - enjoy!


shandy pelvis Sean Armstrong trio

two gigs

6PM, 9th November 2013 @ Old Hairdressers, Glasgow - £5

7.30-11.15PM, 14th November 2013 @ Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow - £6/8

In Posterface 7" now out/city centre gig/music video/live radio appearance

in posterface record drop

Today we bring you the In Posterface - More Life / You Vomit Blood AA 7" Single in its physical vinyl form, free download and stream. Physical form is highly recommended (and only £4) as it comes in a great screen printed cover and comes with a Bonus Full Length Music CD. You can CHECK THAT OUT HERE.

in celebration, they've been around town dropping the record.

Please watch this website (or this one) for news on the aforementioned Glasgow city centre live performance celebration.

There's a party going on at Subcity Radio with those crazy GOOGLE USELESS RADIO DJs hosting the band tonight at 9PM (UK) for all kinds of chat and playback. Listen live at http://subcity.org. edit: listen again here http://www.subcity.org/shows/whatwasmusic/c0ae9/?play

Here is a music video by Callum Beith for the song More Life

Music Language 3 !!! this weekend (wsp stages info)

hello everyone, as discussed in earlier posts, we are providing a series of live outdoor good vibes for the Music is the Music Language Festival this weekend. Here are details of the performers and locations where you can find them for the wsp events. Check out the rest of the festival lineup for Friday, Saturday and Sunday over on the http://musiclanguagefestival.com

Friday 6th September

"in the pedestrian underpassnext to chinatown/outdoorworld (near stow college)" -
(approximate location - you will hear it!)

9.15pm-9.45pm - sean armstrong trio - https://soundcloud.com/seanarmstrongtrio

2am-2.30am ???mystery act???


Saturday 7th September

"in the old partick warehouse. go west along the cycle path from the swg3 along the expressway until you are nearly in line with the transport museum. there's an old warehouse with billboard advertisements outside"


4.05pm - 4.35pm Orzelda - https://soundcloud.com/orzelda
4.40-5.05 The Yawns - https://soundcloud.com/itstheyawns/sets
5.15-5.45 Figgis & Mellin's Spinning Coin

(some stuff) what is happening in Glasgow this summer

In other news, In Posterface records have not yet arrived. Sleeves and bonus CD are printed and ready to go. We just need them to arrive. More on this VERY SOON WE HOPE :-) Apologies to those who've emailed and for any confusion caused to others.

winning sperm party also host a special affair at the Flying Duck in Glasgow on Saturday 31st August with great full rocking bands Etai Keshiki (Leeds), Amorous Dialogues (Sheffield), World Peace, Smack Wizards, Rungs and Black Cop. More info here.

winning sperm party will be making gigs happen spontaneously in untapped zones for Music is the Music Language festival going on 6th, 7th, 8th September. Friday we got Noma and Kenny Love; then Saturday there's Orzelda, The Yawns and all new Spinning Coin. More details, including an excellent 'pay what ya wanna (all moneys towards the non-profiteering of the festival)' compilation of the lineup, here.

On Saturday 14th September The Downs play their last show at The Old Hairdressers.

More great video moments, along with good solid information, to share with you all soon...

friday night 'in posterface' record release party at the CCA!

in posterface more life screenprints

launch event this friday taking place in our city's finest Centre for Contemporary Art on Sauchiehall Street. it starts about 8 so you just come down around then and see it all. take pleasure from the live music of Flaccid Haus, Dick 50, Magic Eye and spun tunes by DJ Fielding Hope. In Posterface will follow with a special performance marking the release of their More Life/You Vomit Blood single.

Purchase a record. we're selling it cheap as we can and it comes in a screen-printed cover with a full CD album of stomping In Posterface tracks.

The record was made to tape by Emily and Stu in Green Door Studio, Glasgow.

what do people say?

From a musical standpoint, this record is repugnant, it’s hard to listen to comfortably

Chris McCrory, Rave Child [full article]

a turbulent descent into a bricolage of noise, faulty electronics, and the occasional prime-time radio synth-hook

J Beige, Tiny Little Mix Tapes [full article]

Both foreign and familiar in many different ways, there is a lot to enjoy from this debut single.

Alastair Chivers, Dirty Beard Monthly [full article]

Whether I like it or not in this particular instance would be irrelevant

Andy McGarry, Pet Piranha [full article]

thanks for coming to the walled garden

thanks to all who came down to the Walled Garden gig last sunday. It was a great time. Here's some clips for those who couldn't make it down. More contributions to the free space open gig movement to come from the party this summer... please keep an eye on this blog or join the mailing list down the bottom right of this page.

more great footage and pics here, thanks hillary!