Croc vs. Croc

The infamous diy club night/ band night/ wild house party melting pot that is Croc vs Croc has finally returned after a year-long hiatus. The guys that brought you bands from across the international noise and experimental rock spectrum bring you a night of 13 of Glasgow's best up-and-coming live acts. Glasgow's music community is coming together under this DIY umbrella to send two of its children, Fur Hood and North American War, on an educational tour of North America. Be sure to expect the usual antics: crucifixions, vegetables, and dancing cardboard sandwiches!
There will be a Jools Holland style set up with bands playing alternately on multiple stages. The line-up:

Remember Remember
Ultimate Thrush
Pro Life
Holy Mountain
Fur Hood
North American War
The Cosmic Dead
Grope Town
The John Knox Sex Club

plus: Copy Haho and Cry Parrot DJs

8pm- 3am, Friday, March 4, The Art School, 5 pounds

New 'Bootlegs' section

A 'Bootlegs' section has now been added to the site for uploads of live sessions and gigs etc. The current content is from the Full Disclosure podcast, which is all about casual improvised jams with different musicians in Glasgow. More to come soon!

Smack Wizards record on the way

Smack Wizards are spending five days in The Green Door Studio this month to record their debut. Straight up. It will be available right here for download and purchase.

Hi, welcome.

Hey, as it's the holidays again, here's five new free releases for you. New recordings from... Pro Life, North American War, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Phat Trophies, Gropetown and a previously unreleased recording from Triple School.

Also enjoy the new videos. Please let us know at
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