Bong Monster - Old Hairdressers, Glasgow 2nd Feb 2012

This is Bong Monster from Glasgow performing live at the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on 2nd february 2012. Audio recorded by Colin Stewart. Video by Rob Alexander.

Bong Monster are Jodie Cave (electronics), Craig Jackson (electronics, warbly decks), Laurie Pitt (electric drums) and Adam Campbell (synthesizer).

Promise of a debut double album has yet to be seen at time of writing. In the meantime the track on this soundcloud features 3/4 of bong monster (i think?) and is brilliant. http://soundcloud.com/elvistrevor

This was a winning sperm party gig with Neighbourhood Gout and Gold Bars.

Neighbourhood Gout - Old Hairdressers, Glasgow 2nd Feb 2012

This is Neighbourhood Gout from Glasgow performing live at the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on 2nd february 2012. It was the end of their UK mini tour to release their debut 7" "Is that you brother?". Audio recorded by Colin Stewart. Video by Rob Alexander.

Neighbourhood Gout are Ricky Egan (guitar), Lachlan Rattray (guitar, vocals) and Chris White (drums).

You can buy their crazy-style coloured vinyl from here: http://winningspermparty.com/shop/neighbourhood-gout-ep

This was a winning sperm party gig with Bong Monster and Gold Bars.

Jer Reid - Garnethill Multicultural Centre 11.2.12

This was Jer's first solo gig without a guitar. The poem is by Ali Al-Bazaz from the collection Flowers of Flame: Unheard Voices of Iraq

Oh Humanity

Oh humanity
I am your grateful son.
Every man my father's age
Is my father.
Every woman my mother's age
Is my mother.
All these little ones
Are my children,
And this dog
Who sits beside me
Is my friend.
Oh humanity
Oh my family
I am your grateful son.

This performance was at the Garnethill Multicultural Centre, Glasgow on the 11th February 2012 with Cry Parrot presenting Jer Reid, Vialka and The One Ensemble.

It's a slow build so make sure you're relaxed and ready to zone in.

The audio was caught on a portable recorder by Jer and sync'd to the video by me.

W☮rld Peace

This is from the first gig of new Glasgow band World Peace on 16th April 2012. They said they'd had three practices: wrote the first 3 songs in the first, the second 3 songs in the second, then practiced them all in the third. It doesn't get much rawer than this, as it should be.

This was the first time we'd done a gig at the Kind Man on Pollockshaws Road. The full lineup was World Peace, Ben Butler & Mousepad and Ultimate Thrush.
House of John Player and Clara Clara had to pull out last minute due to van breakdown problems.

The gig was really fun and the venue seemed great with a large funky underground venue area, cheap drinks and pool table upstairs! It was £4 entry, 35 people paid in and the money was split between the bands £40 each and £20 was spent on food and petrol for moving gear.

Enjoy the music and don't forget the message. ☮

C☮nal Blake guitar
Sinead Young bass, vocals
Brodie Wishart drums, vocals

Audio recorded by Luigi Pasquini

Ben Butler & Mousepad at the Kind Man

at the Kind Man, Glasgow 16.4.12

BB&MP happy to be playing in a venue only 5 minutes walk from home, this is real local music in its natural habitat.

A consistently inspiring contributor to the Glasgow DIY music scene, Joe Howe honed this particular craft whilst living in Berlin.

more info here:

Audio recorded by Luigi Pasquini


New album from Gummy Stumps "New House Whites" is now available for download.

This is what the press have said:

"Glaswegian band Gummy Stumps are out there on the edge" Snobs Music

"One of my favourite acts in Glasgow" Working in a Legend

"It’s a shame because if Gummy Stumps took some of the brief moments of brilliance that they have (and they regularly do) and expanded them outwards, we’d have a set of songs that we could listen to and that would have recreational value." Rave Child


Full details and zip files from here.

Skull Wizard

Supergroups II at Old Hairdressers, Glasgow 1st June 2012

This was the first show with a different lineup:
- James T McKay (Guitar)
- Tony Kelly (Bass)
- Kornelia Remø Klokk (Vocals)
- Andrew Pattie (Drums)

Blue Sabbath Black Fiji @ Nice n Sleazy 10-03-2012

Blue Sabbath Black Fiji playing at the phat trophies us tour fundraiser in march 2012.

Nackt Insecten SWG3 23-3-2012

Nackt Insecten live at the SWG3, Glasgow on 23rd March 2012.