In Posterface - Its Terminal vaseline pen drive pak

Price: £9.75

Its Terminal is now out on special vaseline pak format which equals 1 x bling heart flash drive gem (blue) encased and set in petroleum jelly containing all tracks many pics all vids and mooooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeee sssttttuuuuuuuuuffff. These are made to order each containing different content and sold at the price of tha materials...

Ful track list -

1. In
2. Born On
3. Suncreem Burn
4. Zoming
5. Thots
6. Totally
7. Stars
8. Hold
9. You Dd This
10. Pacifist
11. I Got This Feeling Into The Bridge And Pushed It Down Into The Bridge


Recorded in Bridgetone, Castlemilk, Sleazy's, Soundcard Land w/ selves and Gal.

Self production.

Cover by JR McNeill.

Thanks Rob.